How It Works

Features and Values

Everything is automated!

Since RewardCamp is an automated system, you won't have to worry about constantly tracking all of your different customers' distribution of rewards points. Managing points is done for you, leaving you the time you need to focus on other, more important things.

Points notification emails are automatically sent to your customers
Tracks your customers ordering frequency

Provides reliable analytics!

With a completely automated system comes reliable analytics to inform you of the current buying trends of your customers.

  • Rewards Points Distributed
  • Repeat Sales

Fosters repeat ordering!

Your customers gain reward points for purchasing your goods. And your already-loyal customers will keep coming back to spend those points. Watch your repeat order rate drastically grow!

Give RewardCamp a shot!

With all the benefits to gain, and hassle-free installation, what’s there to lose?

Our Results

After using RewardCamp for 3 months, our repeat orders have increased by 24% and generated $2,913 in additional revenue. Our customers love the incentives and everything is automated, so no extra work for me



We have used RewardCamp for 6 months and our repeat customers have increased by 35%. We plan to continue to use RewardCamp to further increase our repeat business.



One of the, if not THE, best thing l've done since I began this journey down Ecommerceville!! Keep up the good work; love the concept, love the simplicity, love the effort that's gone into producing such an awesome program that compliments the website and my vision so perfectly!!



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